MiniINI 0.9 released


Another release of MiniINI has been completed. MiniINI 0.9 comes with almost no changes to the interface. However, all testing and benchmarking code was rewritten, and there was a focus on improving documentation. Also, some library code was refactored.

Tutorials were rewritten to improve readability. The API documentation has also seen heavy changes. Many bugs were fixed and descriptions should now be more, well, descriptive.

Allocator, INIFile and logging code was refactored.

Regression testing code was completely rewritten, and should be more maintainable now.

Benchmarking code was rewritten, separated from MiniINI code and more benchmarking functionality was added.

All testing and benchmarking scripts were rewritten in Python 3.1, and again the new code should be more maintainable.

There were also some minor bugfixes.

For more details, see CHANGES.txt inside the package.

MiniINI 0.8 released


I finished work on MiniINI 0.8. Most changes in this release are under the hood, improving speed and maintainability of the code. The main addition to the interface is support for iteration over sections and tags. A tutorial was added to explain use of iteration as well.

Integer and floating point parsing doesn't use C functions strtol and strtof anymore. They were replaced by custom functions, greatly improving performance when reading floats, ints and also somewhat speeding up loading of sequences of numbered tags into arrays.

Due to above parsing changes, hexadecimal, octal integers, scientific notation of floats and thousand separator characters are not supported anymore.

Integer overflows are treated as warnings instead of errors, reading the largest or smallest possible integer.

The bug that caused MiniINI to warn about default section being empty (that caused warnings with any files that had no tags before the first section) is now fixed.

There was also some refactoring work on INISection code and some minor bugfixes.

For more details, see CHANGES.txt inside the package.

MiniINI 0.7.2 released


I've released MiniINI 0.7.2, a bugfix release. This release fixes a memory leak in INISection::ArraySize(), fixes conflicts with windows.h and some minor bugs. Note that setting up MiniINI with disabled STL support is now done differently. If you're already using MiniINI with STL support disabled, check the tutorial on that in the package or on this site.

MiniINI 0.7.1 released


I've just released MiniINI 0.7.1, a bugfix release. The only change in this release is removal of the INISection operator [], which was useless as INISections can only be accessed through pointers.

MiniINI 0.7 released


Announcing release of MiniINI 0.7. This release finally adds support for tags with multiple values, and continues the trend of refactoring and polishing MiniINI code. Documentation has also seen many improvements, especially the new series of tutorials describing all MiniINI features. Overview of the changes:

Tags with multiple, comma separated values can now be read into arrays. A new family of INISection methods, ReadMultiXXX was added to read multi value tags. If ReadXXX methods are called on a multi-value tag, the first value is read.

A bug that could cause a segfault when allocator allocated a new block was fixed.

Some refactoring of internal code.

Improvements in API documentation, warnings and regression tester.

Using txt2tags for documentation now.

For more details, see CHANGES.txt inside the package.

MiniINI 0.6 released


Today I released MiniINI 0.6. This release comes with many small features and updates that I didn't get around to do before. MiniINI is a lot more polished now and ready for further significant changes. Future releases should finally see support for multi value tags and writing/modification for INI files. Most important new features:

INIFiles now contain a special, default section that contains all tags found before the first header in an INI file. This allows reading of header-less INI files.

The separator between name and value ('=' by default) is now configurable. This also resulted in about 2% slowdown.

API Documentation format was improved.

The bug that deleted the passed buffer when loading an INI file from a buffer was fixed.

For more details, see CHANGES.txt in the source package.

MiniINI homepage online!


I finally managed to create an official MiniINI homepage.