Hello there, I'm Ferdinand Majerech aka Kiith-Sa. At the moment, I'm the only author of MiniINI. You can contact me at kiithsacmp[at]gmail.com .

I'm interested primarily in game development where I started as a modder for an RTS game called Red Alert 2. While the horrible engine of that game soon drove me away, I got used to its ease of customization through plain INI files instead of scripts. I eventually started programming games myself, and while doing some work on an open source RTS engine project called Catom, which uses INI files to store its settings, I started to work on an INI file class that later became MiniINI.

While there have been many existing INI file libraries to be found at the time, none had quite fit my requirements, as some were rather slow for large INI files we expected to work with, some required external dependences and some had licenses that wouldn't fit into our project.

I decided to develop MiniINI as a separate library under a permissive license as I thought it could be useful to other people besides me and it didn't depend on any code from our project. I decided to try to make MiniINI as fast as I could, and it turned into a constant cycle of optimization that turned out to take more time than expected.

This site serves as the main source of documentation for MiniINI. To see current development, you can go to MiniINI on Launchpad.