Not always do you know what sections or tags will be INI files you read. A game, for instance, might store properties of game object types in their own INI sections without knowing number of types available. In such cases, you need to access sections without using their names. You can do this in MiniINI by iterating over sections in a file or tags in a section.

Iterating over sections in a file

To iterate over sections in an INIFile, use the Next method. This method increments the index used internally by INIFile to point to the current section. By default, this index points before the first section, so the first call to Next will move to the first element. Next returns true if there are more sections or false if we're at the last section.

To access current section, we use the same GetSection method we use to access sections by name, but instead of a section name we pass an empty string (""). In the example below, we use the GetName method to print names of sections we're iterating over. There is also a GetNameSTL method that returns a C++ string.


//iterate over all sections in a file and print their names
INIFile ini;
    std::cout << ini.GetSection("")->GetName() << std::endl;

Sections are iterated in alphabetic order. To reset iteration back to the start, use the Reset method. Reset takes no parameters and returns nothing.

Iterating over tags in a section

Iteration over tags in an INISection is similar to iteration over sections, using Next method to move to the next element and Reset to move back to start. Additionally, you can use the CurrentTag method to get the name of the current tag as a C string and CurrentTagSTL as a C++ std::string. Like sections, tags are iterated in alphabetic order.

Similarly to current section, you can access current tag by passing an empty string to ReadXXX methods. This also works with ReadMultiXXX and MultiValSize (which work with multi value tags) but not with ReadXXXs or ArraySize (which work with sequences of numbered tags).

Example of iteration over tags in an INISection:

//iterate over all tags in a section, print their names and values
INIFile ini;
INISection * section = ini.GetSection("test");
const char * str; //STL: std::string str
    str = section->ReadString("", str);
    std::cout << section->CurrentTag() << "=" << str << std::endl; 
    //STL: std::cout << section->CurrentTagSTL() << "=" << str << std::endl; 

Note: Due to internal structure of MiniINI code, if you access tags this way, warnings emitted by ReadXXX methods will be unable to print names of tags concerned.

Last update: 07-07-2010